Mathis Grisel

Student in Computer Science

21 years old student in first year at ENSEEIHT. Following computer science at school, I am passionate about programming, which I learned on my own (eg:Java). I am from Biarritz, France, and used to be a reservist for French Air Force. In fact, I am very curious and always try to understand how things work.


   Engineering Degree in Computer Science


Digital Sciences curriculum in ENSEEIHT, Toulouse.

   DUT in Networks & Telecommunications


HTND French equivalent. University of Pau et Pays de l'Adour.

   Military Formations at French Airforce


July 2017 : Military period of initiation and improvement for National Defence, Saintes air base
April 2018 : Reservist Initial Formation, Cognac air base

   Scientific Baccalauréat


High School Diploma french equivalent. Engineer Sciences option, Computer Sciences speciality. In Bernard Palissy High School, Saintes.

Work Experience


Apprentice Computer Science Engineer for Capgemini


Apprenticeship during my engineering degree at ENSEEIHT. Working on Capgemini internal R&D and Airbus projects from Toulouse Aeropark.


Apprentice Service Technician for Orange SA


Work in data access and maintenance for companies, mainly on fiber/copper lines and network devices. Apprentice in sandwich courses during my 2nd year of DUT in Networks & Telecommunications.


Reservist for French Airforce


Helping French Airforce during my free time. Base entry filtering, maintenance to the IT Department, storage of the library and it's archives...


Programming languages I am used to work with (algorithms/object oriented programming/human-machine interfaces)

  • Java
  • Python
  • JavaScript
  • PHP

Web frontend development.

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • Bootstrap Framework (also using Bulma)
  • Vue.js Framework

Web backend development.

  • Node.JS/Express/Feathers
  • Web Sockets
  • PHP
  • Flask/Django
  • MySQL

Other skills and understandings linked to Computer Science.

  • Network configurations
  • Network devices (mainly Cisco)
  • OS & Network Virtualization
  • Radio wave propagations

Languages I am able to talk and understand.

uk C1 English
france C2 French
spain B1 Spanish

Contact Me

For any professional inquiries or proposals, here are my coordinates :

  • 35 boulevard Griffoul Dorval, 31400 Toulouse, France